Webinar 18 June 2024: Australia's higher education roadmap: The Accord, International and Skills Framework and Budget
Published: 1 June 2024
The presentation slides for this webinar are now available to SOUL members. After logging in, navigate to the Resources / Browse by Topic menu. You will find the slides under the 'General' topic. 

Tuesday, 18 June | 11.00am - 12:30pm AEST

The sector has seen two of the most significant reports affecting higher and tertiary education published in the last four months: The Australian Universities Accord and Australia's International Education and Skills Strategic Framework.   Together, the reports lay the framework for the Government's vision for the future of higher and tertiary education in this country, including in relation to delivering better outcomes for equity students, addressing future workforce and skills needs, strengthening governance, improving research outcomes and optimising the role of international education in the sector (both onshore and transnational).

MinterEllison, together with the Society of University Lawyers (SOUL), is delighted to invite members to join a panel discussion to launch this series, concerning the likely short, medium and long-term impacts of these reforms on the sector. Key takeaways:
  • Overview of the Universities Accord and International Education and Skills Strategic Framework
  • Immediate priorities covered by the 2024/25 federal budget
  • Anticipated regulatory change and how it will impact your university‚Äôs operations
  • Strategies for navigating the future landscape of Australian universities
  • Strategies for adapting to new governance structures and funding models
Moderator: Chris Morey
Panel Chair: Tom Fletcher
Panel: Kylie DiwellMichael WellsHarriet Eager           


 Members may access the link to register via the News post in the Members Area of the website.